Laser Tag

This is the ultimate interactive amusement adventure game for ages 6 and up.

Players enter a futuristic laser tag arena armed with battle vests and phasers to test their skills in a fun, non-contact game of play.

Cyber-Zone offers an environment that is challenging for adults and fun
for children and youth.

Our facility is the longest running laser tag in Newfoundland. We have a 2500 square foot arena with  fog, black lights, florescent painted murals and amazing background music combined to create an 

exciting atmosphere for your enjoyment. ( and REAL (but harmless) laser ) Cool Huh!!!!


Team Game

Players are divided into teams; each team has different colored vest panels. Each team enters the laser tag arena. The object of the game is to attack the other teams members and 
hit as many opponents as possible.

+100 points for hitting a vest target
-75 points lost when an opponent hits you

Also you have a combined Team Score.


All vests are the same color and there are no teams with every player for themselves.

+100 points for tagging a vest
-75 points lost when an opponent tags you


There is only one vampire with red targets, and everyone else is mortal with green targets.  When the vampire shoots a mortal a set number of times, they turn into a vampire. The new vampires continue to attack the remaining mortals until only one mortal is left. The last green-targeted mortal is the winner and the game ends.

Age restriction Applies to Vampire


Your'e It

Classic game of tag played with lasers.

The Object of the Game is for the players to not get Tagged by the "IT" or "ITS" and get the highest score. A Minimum of 3 players or more is recommended.

25 points for every second of not being "IT"

-25 points for every second you are "IT"

SWITCHER (Team Game)

The object of this Game is for Teams to DEFEND their Bases and accumulate as many points as possible, by tagging the opponents vest and (base which SWITCHES location) when tagged by the opposition.


This is a classic game of LAST PERSON STANDING.

the 1st half of the game you acquire lives for every person tagged, The last half is to take as many lives from the other players while defending your own. When all lives are lost, you exit the maze... your game is OVER!!!


You have a maximum of only 5 lives at any given time. Once you lose those lives, you are disabled, unable to shoot or to be shot. You must find one of the bases and tag it to recharge your phaser to get another 5 lives. 

For More information please contact us at 709-639-8468